NEXX SX.100 VS SX.100R helmet

Nexx recently released the SX.100R in the USA for 2021. Since then, you may have wondered: what are the differences between the SX.100 and the SX.100R?

NEXX SX.100 vs SX.100R

First off, what do the Nexx SX.100 and the SX.100R helmets have in common?

  1. Both use the same lightweight thermoplastic shells & are pinlock ready.
  2. They use the same  drop down sun visor, windscreen, and ventilation systems. (In these pictures the SX.100R is depicted with a tinted windscreen)
  3. Both are compatible with & contain built-in space for the Sena X.COM Bluetooth Headset (sold separately) 
  4. Both use an X-MART Dry Fabrics Liner, designed to keep riders cool & dry for longer periods of time.
  5. Both have an intermediate oval head shape design.
  6. Both feature a Chin Wind stopper, designed to reduce noise at high speeds.
  7. Both meet DOT safety standards. (EPS for international buyers).
  8. They are both modestly priced.

SX.100 VS SX.100R Top


What are the differences between the Nexx SX.100 and the SX.100R helmets?

  1. The SX.100R features a double-blade spoiler at the rear, designed in order to increase aerodynamic performance & reduce turbulence at high speeds.
  2. The SX.100R is even better optimized towards racing & track days.
  3. The SX.100R features improved aerodynamics.
  4. The Nexx SX.100 and the SX.100R both have different designs available.

SX.100 vs SX.100R Front

Both helmets are modestly priced, so when deciding on which to buy, it ultimately comes down to whether you want the helmet for everyday use or for track riding & races. Since the SX.100R has the double blade spoiler & improved aerodynamics it's a favorite among trackday enthusiasts. We hope this post helped clear up any confusion you may have had about the NEXX SX.100 and SX.100R.  Have fun out there and ride safe!


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