Located in New York, we're a family owned business who's been bringing you the most awesome gear since 2012. This is for the people who get goose bumps at the sound of a dirt bike, those who feel most free when strapped into a snowboard, and most alive when they're closest to death. You’d rather be outside riding or snowboarding instead of inside playing Call of Duty. This is for all of you who are unable to frown when the wind is in your hair, the wave is at your back or the ramp is just in front. You are riders, skiers, snowboarders, dirt bikers, off roaders, surfers and bikers. You’ve been bit by the adrenaline bug and nothing can stop you from doing what you love. We know who you are because we’re those people too, and we won’t stop working to help you to keep going. Welcome to Shopena.com! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here.

We also operate www.shopenasupply.com where you can find industrial tools, equipment, and supplies.