The Kali Protectives OF Invader is back baby!

The OF Invader from Kali Protectives utilizes Composite Fusion, a unique manufacturing method that combines the helmet shell and foam. This approach allows for the use of a thinner shell, resulting in a helmet that is not only lighter but also stronger. It includes a RHEON Low Density Layer to bolster protection against both non-linear and rotational impacts.


Lead Engineer Brad Waldron stressed, "Our bikes are better, our trails are bigger and our protection needs to keep up" The OF Invader is skillfully crafted with extended coverage and superior ventilation in comparison to conventional half shell helmets, ensuring riders are well-equipped for any obstacles the trail may pose.

Complete with three differently sized cheek pads for a tailored fit, an adaptable visor, FidLock magnetic buckle, and the Frequency Fit System featuring vertical adjustment, the OF Invader establishes a new benchmark in helmet design.

You can find this helmet and the rest of the Kali Protectives line in the Kali Protectives Category

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