What is the Difference Between A Motorcycle & Snowmobile Helmet?

While shopping for helmets this winter, you may come across helmets that are specifically advertised as "Snowmobile Helmets". If you have seen these you're probably wondering: Is there a difference between a Snowmobile Helmet and a Motorcycle Helmet? This article may help you out!

Short answer: yes there's a difference between the two. For this example we're going to look at the Torc T14B Motorcycle Helmet  & the Castle X CX950 Snowmobile Helmet:

As you may expect, snowmobile helmets are naturally going to take extra care to regulate temperatures & fog for riders in cold environments. Features of Snowmobile helmets may include:

  • Insulated padding.
  • A breath box: this re-directs your breath downward so it does not fog up your windscreen.
  • Electric / heated visor: These help reduce fog & snow/ice buildup on your windscreen.
  • Chin curtain: designed to seal off the bottom of the helmet from the harsh elements.

When comparing things like shell material, fit, vents, weight, and so on you really want to look at specifics for each helmet. That's become those features mostly vary between helmet manufacturer or helmet model. They don't have much to do with being a snowmobile helmet or not.

In conclusion, both snowmobile and motorcycle helmets are going to provide the same basic protection, shape and fitment. The differences ultimately stem from the extra protection from the elements& fog reduction provided by the snowmobile helmets. We hope you found this post helpful! 

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