What To Look For When Buying A Ski Helmet Cover?

When skiing or snowboarding it's a great idea to wear a helmet. However, helmets are designed to protect you & not necessarily to look cool. A ski helmet cover is a fun accessory for your helmet that solves that issue. There are a bunch of different types to choose from, so how do you pick the right ski helmet cover?

  • Budget
  • Material & Fit
  • Style
  • Features



First, think about how much you want to spend on your ski helmet cover. You'll find more expensive, and elaborate covers like those made by Headstrong for around $90. Or you'll find more affordable ones from CoolCasc for around $30.


(Pictured below is the $90 Bunny Ski Helmet Cover from Headstrong.)


Material & Fit:

When picking a ski helmet cover material & fit often go hand in hand. If you get a cover made from stretchy fabric, it's more likely to fit on any helmet. Nearly all covers from CoolCasc are made from stretchy fabric. Others, like Headstrong covers use a non-stretch material. To ensure fit, their covers are a bit larger. Also, they are more intricate and use more durable materials.


(Pictured below is the Spike Ski helmet cover from CoolCasc) It uses Stretchy fabric.



At first glance, our ski helmet covers may look like they're just for kids, but we have some styles that are great for adults as well. We have covers that look like animals, bugs, mohawks and spikes. We even have ones that light up with LED's.


(Below [top] Is the Pink With grey pon pon ski helmet cover from CoolCasc.  And [bottom] is the Light up LED Queen Ski helmet cover, also from CoolCasc.)




You may want a ski helmet cover with a space in the back for a google strap. Or one that has a pocket for an ID or season pass. Also make sure you are getting an actual helmet cover. Some companies are just selling pieces that stick on your helmet & use deceptive marketing to make it look like your getting a full cover.


And that's it, now you're an expert as selecting a ski helmet cover! If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

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