The goal of the NEXX resource center is to give you access to valuable information about NEXX helmets. This includes NEXX manuals, size charts, guides, and more.

IMPORTANT: Use the information here at your own risk. Sometimes the manufacturer makes updates without informing us. If you have any questions please email us and ask.


NEXX Size Chart (ADULT):Nexx Adult Sise Chart


NEXX Size Chart (Youth):Nexx Youth Helmet SIze Chart


NEXX Shell Sizes:NEXX Helmet Shell SIze Chart


NEXX Instruction Manuals:

XR3.R Instructions

X.WRL Instructions

X.G20 Instructions

X.Vilijord Instructions

X.Vilitur Instructions

X.Viliby Instructions

SX.10 SWITX Instructions

SX.60 Instructions

SX.100R Instructions

SX.100 Instructions

X.40 Instructions

X.70 Instructions

XR1.R Instructions

 X.R2 Instructions

 X.T1 Instructions

X.D1 Instructions

X.WST2 Instructions

X.WED2 & X.WED2 Carbon Instructions

X.G10 Instructions

X.G100 & X.G100R Instructions

X.G200 Instructions

X-Com2 Instructions

X-Com2 Quick Start Guide

X-Com Instructions

Ergo Padding (Adult) Instructions

Ergo Padding (Kids) Instructions

Helmet Cleaning and Maintenance


NEXX Cheek Pads, Lining, and Re-sizing your helmet

If your NEXX helmet does not fit, and the size you need utilizes the same outer shell size, then there is a chance you'd just need to change interior padding to get the right fit. Example: You ordered an X.WED2 in XL, but it is too small and you need a 2XL. You're in luck. The X.WED2  in XL, 2XL & 3XL use the same exact shell, the only difference is the interior padding. If you purchased the 2XL lining, cheek pads, or both you can replace what you have and change the shell size. Feel free to email us with any questins before doing this.