How to Apply a Motorcycle Helmet Shield Sticker.

Just got a brand new motorcycle helmet Shield Sticker to spice up your helmet and wanna install it correctly? We're here to help! This post will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your helmet shield sticker

About our shield stickers:

  • Motorcycle helmet shield stickers are also known as visor or windscreen decals.
  • They are often perforated, meaning there are tons of tiny holes in them so you can see!
  • From a distance, the design on the front looks awesome, and from the inside of the helmet you can still see out. Think of an advertisement on as bus window.
  • They are a great customization for most motorcycle helmets and will turn a plain helmet into an exciting unique helmet.

How to Apply:

  • Before peeling the shield sticker, line it up with your helmet's visor to make sure it will fit properly.
  • If it’s too big cut it down to size.
  • Carefully peel the sticker and place the middle of the sticker in the middle of the visor.
  • Use your fingers to work any bubbles out. Do this from the middle outward.
If there are any bubbles you can:
  • Use a blow dryer to get the sticker to fit better.
  • If the bubbles are larger, and on the outer perimeter of the sticker you can cut a V in the sticker. Top of the v facing the outer part of the sticker and the bottom part facing inside. Then pull both sides of the V together to fill the empty space. Make it smooth with your fingers.

If you have any questions please contact us, we're here to help!

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