How To Get Your Child To Wear A Ski Helmet.

Everyone knows that safety comes first, so it is important to remember to wear a helmet for a wide range of outdoor sports. Sports such as skiing, snowboarding, biking, skateboarding, and roller-skating are all made exceptionally safer with the addition of a helmet. 

Snow is soft, so many people forget that there's often ice, rock, trees, and other debris that may get in your path! Relatively small accidents are still capable of significant injury, so how can you ensure your child is safely wearing their helmet every time?

  • Make it a habit! Put their helmet on every time they play outdoors, and soon it will become part of the routine.
  • Make sure it's comfortable! A kid won't want to wear an uncomfortable or painful helmet. Most of our youth helmets come in multiple sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect fit!
  • Make it fun! If your child loves the way their helmet looks, it will be less of a struggle to get them to wear it every time. If their current helmet is too plain, feel free to check out one of our Ski Helmet Covers, available in a wide range of shapes & sizes! 
  • Be a good role model! If your child sees you being responsible and putting on your helmet each time, they may be inclined to do the same. 
  • Explain the importance! Kids are smart, so if they understand the purpose of the helmet is to keep them safe, they may choose to wear it on their own.

If you follow these suggestions there's a much higher likelihood that you child will WANT to wear their ski helmet in the future. We hope this has helped, have fund on the slopes and stay safe!

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