New NEXX helmets for 2024 are on the way!

NEXX is known for the design and manufacture of motorcycle helmets with a fantastic balance of style and technology. They're one of the few helmet brands that are still manufactured in Europe, Portugal to be exact. This allows NEXX complete oversight and control over their product. In the past, we've seen some really amazing helmets come from NEXX and this year is no different.

For 2024 NEXX has 6 completely new models. If you separate them out by different graphics there are about 25 new helmets in all. The new models are the Y.10, X.G30, Y.100, Y.100R, X.WST3, and X.WED3. Also, there are new accessories including the X-COM3 and X-COM3 Pro Bluetooth communication systems. We go into more detail regarding each model below. Also, worth mentioning, is the return of the X.R3R with even more graphics and options.


The NEXX Y.10 (below)

The Y.10 is an open face helmet (also known as a 3/4 helmet) that's mostly geared toward urban riding. It has a windscreen, drop down sun visor and much more.


The NEXX X.G30 (below)

The X.G30 is inspired by the classic jet helmets of the mid sixties. It has a large windscreen and a drop down sun visor.


The NEXX Y.100 (below)

The Y.100 is NEXXs entry level full face helmet geared towards street riders. It's quiet, has great ventilation, and has a drop down sun visor.


The NEXX Y.100R (below)

The Y.100R is very similar to the Y.100. It has a rear spoiler and a slightly different interior. Also, there are more designs.


The NEXX X.WST3 (below)

The X.WST3 is a high-end full face streetfighter helmet packed with features and technology. It has a wide eyeport, an airtight windscreen, drop down sun visor, emergency cheek pads release system and much more.


The NEXX X.WED3 (below)

The X.WED3 is a dual sport helmet and can be used for both on-road and off-road riding. It has a windscreen, sun visor, and peak. The windscreen can be removed if you want to use goggles, and the peak can be removed for better aerodynamics.


Honorable mention, the NEXX X.R3R (below)

While it's not new for 2024, the X.R3R is still the best option for racing and track enthusiasts. It has undergone extensive aerodynamic testing and as a result has minimal drag and is extremely quiet.


The NEXX X-COM3 and X-COM3 Pro (below)

The new X-COM3 bluetooth intercom works with the NEXX X.WED3, X.WST3, Y.100, and Y.100R. The PRO version uses mesh intercom technology which makes it much easier to connect with other riders. This is because you don't have to pair each user individually.

All the new NEXX helmets are ECE 22-06 and DOT FMVSS 218 compliant. At the time of writing this the helmets are in a container en-route to the USA. They are scheduled to arrive within a few weeks, and will be available for sale shortly thereafter. If you'd like to be notified about new arrivals simply navigate to the helmet page, select the color and size, then enter in your email to receive an in-stock notification. If you'd like more info check out the NEXX resource center or contact us.

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