What Are Motorcycle Rearsets?

Motorcycle rearsets are a common motorcycle accessory that you may have seen while shopping for parts. So, what's a motorcycle rearset? Do you need one? Let's take a look at the function of rearsets for your motorcycle:


What's the purpose?
Rearsets allow you to adjust and lift the foot pegs & foot controlls of your motorcycle, making it possible to lean further when riding on a track. Also, they are often an improvement over stock foot controls & pegs.


Who are rearsets for?

Motorcycle rearsets are best for trackday riders & racers They make it easier to adjust your position so you can be more comfortable. The more comfortable position allows racers to focus on fine tuning your riding habits. They also make using the foot controls feel more natural.  They aren't necessary for every rider or every bike.


What features should you look for when buying rearsets?

A good set of rearsets should be made from high-quality materials, and be an upgrade over stock parts. That being said, not all rearsets are created equal and some cheaper ones made with low quality aluminum can be prone to breaking. A lot of rearsets feature a variety of adjustments (up, front, or back), which is good because if your feet are in the right position your body will be in a better position. Rearsets are available for both Standard shift and GP shift so make sure you find the ones that are right for your bike.

Some include folding foot pegs, toe pegs, or both. (Pictured, Lightech Suzuki GSX-R600 GSX-R750 R Version Standard And Reverse Shift Rearsets)


Some types of rearsets are customizable and may have the option to add on accessories. (Pictured:  Bonamici Colored Toe & Foot Caps for Rearsets).


Some rearsets may have a heel plates, those heel plates may even be carbon fiber in some high end models. You can see an example in the Lightech Rearsets for the BMW S1000RR


Lastly, you may need extra hardware to maintain brake light functionality with a new pair of rearsets. Make sure you check the description of the rearsets to see if there is a disclaimer like that.


If you have a questions when selecting rearserts for your bike don't hesitate to contact us!


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