What is a Motorcycle Fender Eliminator?

In the quest to enhance the look of your motorcycle you've likely come across a fender eliminator kit. You may be asking yourself what's a Fender Eliminator? What do they come with? Are there different options? Are they easy to install? Are they legal?

What is it?

A fender eliminator, also known as a Tail Tidy, is a motorcycle accessory that allows you to change the silhouette of your motorcycle by allowing you to replace (or remount) your license plate bracket, brake lights, and signal lights. They give your motorcycles rear end a much cleaner look.

(Pictured: Ducati Paningale V2 Before and After Fender Eliminator Installation)


What do they come with?

This depends on the manufacturer of the fender eliminator as well as the make / model of your motorcycle. Most fender eliminators from New Rage Cycles come with upgraded LED turn signals, & brake light on a mounting bracket. They also come with a license plate bracket with an integrated LED light.

(Pictured: 2016 Honda CBR600RR Fender Eliminator Before & After.)


Do they have different options?

Some fender eliminators come in a standard version or tucked version. This just refers to the location of the license plate bracket.  Also, some have US or EU versions.The difference is the color of the turn signals. For some bikes you can also add a Dual Load Equalizer to slow down the flash rate of the turn signals.

(Pictured: Kawasaki ZX10R Before and After Fender Eliminator Installation)

Are they easy to install?

This highly depends on the manufacturer. You want to look for the phrase "plug and play" in the description. Most fender eliminators from NRC are plug and play.


Are they legal?

Depending on where you live, there may be laws that specify where and how license plates are allowed to be displayed on motorcycles, so please check before you install one to make sure you are complying with local laws!

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