What’s the difference between the TechSpec Snake Skin and XL2 tank grips?

Recently, we introduced TechSpec's line of Tank Grips to our site. Tank grips, also known as traction pads, play a big role in enhancing the riding experience by providing riders with improved grip and control over their motorcycles, especially during maneuvers like braking and cornering. By reducing slippage, these grips offer a safer and more comfortable ride.

Today we are going to discuss TechSpec's two most popular types of tank grips: Snake Skin (SS) and XL2.

Snake Skin vs. XL2 tank grips - The Key Differences:

  • Pattern: Snake Skin features a distinctive diamond pattern, whereas XL2 showcases a circular pattern.
  • Thickness: Snake Skin grips are thicker at 0.125”, while XL2 grips measure 0.045".
  • Price: Snake Skin grips are priced higher than XL2 grips.


(Pictured: The Snake Skin & XL2 Tank Grips for  2020+ BMW S1000RR S1000R)

Snake Skins tank grips are great for those who want a little extra cushion & little modifications to the bike's stock appearance. The thinner XL2 model is for those who want as little bulk as possible & a lower price point.

Whether you lean towards the classic feel of Snake Skin or the modern features of XL2, both options bring unique benefits to the table, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

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