Highlights of the NEXX 2024 Lineup!

The 2024 NEXX Helmets lineup includes a ton of new products and accessories. There's a bunch of information to comb through, but in this post we're going to consolidate the info and give you the highlights.

There are six new NEXX helmet models for 2024. They are the the the Y.10, X.G30, Y.100, Y.100R, X.WST3, and X.WED3.

Unlike previous years, ALL of these new models are DOT and ECE 22.06 compliant. 

The older NEXX X.WED2 and X.WST2 helmets are both getting updated versions - they are the X.WED3 and X.WST3. Both have been fully redesigned with new features & will no longer have fastshot buttons to hold the visors (windscreens) in place. 

(Pictured: NEXX X.WED3 Plain Helmet)

Some other helmets are also getting updates. The Y.100 and Y.100R Helmets will be replacing the the SX.100 & SX.100R, The Y.10 will be replacing the SX.60, and the X.G30 will be replacing the X.G20.

(Pictured: NEXX Y.100R Urbangram Helmet)

Additionally, the X.R3R helmet has returned with several new graphics!

Finally, new X-COM3 & X-COM3 Pro w/ MESH are available. They will fit the NEXX XWED3, XWST3, Y100, and Y100R helmets.

(Pictured: NEXX X-COM3 Bluetooth Communication System)

Along with the new helmets you'll find new NEXX accessories. However, the accessories will trail the helemts in arrival time, and likely won't be available until sometime in June 2024. 

We're excited for riders to experience the next level of performance and style with the updated NEXX helmet collection! If you have any additional questions please visit the NEXX Helmet resource center or contact us.

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