What's The Difference Between the Just1 J22 and J22F Helmets?

Just1 just released two new helmets, the J22 and J22F, and you may be wondering about the difference between the two. There are a few differences to go over:

Materials: The biggest difference is the material: The J22 is made from a carbon fiber shell and the J22F utilizes a Multicomposite fiber shell.

Shell Sizes: The J22 comes in 4 different shell sizes, while the J22F comes with 3. This is a welcome addition, as most other brands stick to one or two outer shell sizes. The additional helmet sizes allow for a more personalized fit without being bulky.

Price: Due to the materials the helmets are made of, the J22F is the more affordable version, while the J22 is more costly. 


(Pictured: Just1 J22 Carbon Fluo 2.0 of the J22 category)

Both helmets share several features, such as the peak release system, J.1.E.R. Emergency Cheek pad Removable System, S.D.C and the E.R.C System, Double D retention system, Removable and washable inner lining, as well as DOT & ECE certification.


(Pictured: Gloss Black & White Helmets from our J22F Category)

In summary, while the J22 and J22F share many features, the choice between them may depend on factors such as preferred shell material, budget considerations, and the desired number of shell sizes for optimal fitting.

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