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IMPORTANT: Use the information here at your own risk. Sometimes the manufacturer changes things without informing us. If you have any questions please email us and ask.


Just1 Size Chart:

Shell Sizes:

Just1 Shell Sizes


Just1 FAQ:

Q: What style of helmets does Just1 manufacturer?

A: Just1 mostly offers off-road / dirtbike style helmets, however they also have dual-sport helmets, and full face sportbike racing helmets as well. For example, the J22 is an off-road helmet, the J34 Pro is a dual-sports helmet, and the J-GPR is a full face sportbike racing helmet.


Q: What's the difference between the J22 and J22F helmets?

A: There are a few difference. See our full post on it here.


Q: What are Just1 helmet shells made of?

A: That depends on the model of Just1 helmet you choose. Some are Carbon Fiber, others are thermoplastic resin, and others are fiberglass.


Q: What is the J.1.E.R. Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System?

A: In the event of a crash, first responders can remove the helmet in a way that can minimize further damage. This system allows those first responders to extract the cheek pads by pulling down on a tab on those pads. This releases the pad from the inside of the helmet.


Q: What safety certifications do JUST1 helmets have?

A: Most Just1 helmets are DOT and ECE certified. In addition, the J-GPR is FIM certified.


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